4 Easy Steps to Fix Your Broken Phone Screen

Your day can be totally ruined when your phone drops and the screen gets cracked. However, you do not have to purchase a new phone when this happens.

For safety reasons, it is advisable for you to repair the phone immediately it gets cracked as a single break can get worse over time and lead to a shattered screen. Cracks can also expose your phone to environmental toxins and debris which can affect the phone’s functionality and usability over time.

There are various ways you can use to fix your broken screen and www.fixcolorandmorenashville.com will walk you through the different options you can use to fix your broken iPhone or Android screen without breaking the bank.


  1. Contact the Phone Manufacturer

Before you attempt any screen repair option, it is important for you to contact your phone manufacturer. If you broke your screen in the manufacturer’s warranty period, you should have free service to fix the phone and within a few hours’ time.


  1. Do It Yourself

Performing a DIY screen replacement is the cheapest way to fix a broken iPhone screen or broken Android screen. You can perform the replacement easily with the aid of online tutorials. Sometimes you will need to replace the screen and other times you might only need to replace the glass.

Tutorials on how to fix various phone screens are readily available on manual repair websites like iFixIt; it comes complete with guides on what components you should purchase and where you can get them.

You should endeavor to do proper research to make sure you get the right screen for your device and ensure you get a good quality one if you plan to buy one that is not an original replacement.

Also, you also need to purchase the proper tools you will-will need to complete a replacement. Depending on the tools and parts you need, the DIY screen repair could cost you $100 to $250. It might be a little pricey, but it is cheaper than buying a new phone altogether.


  1. Use a Screen Protector

If for any reason you cannot fix your phone’s broken screen right away, you can use a screen protector as a temporary measure. This would work best if it is only the glass that is broken but the screen still displays and responds well to touch


  1. Visit a Phone Repair Shop

To avoid exposing your cracked phone screen to further damage, it is advisable you take it to a professional phone repair shop. Don’t just take it to any shop, conduct proper research on the place to find out if they give any warranty on their work. Some of them will offer at least a short period where they promise the repair will not break.


If you are in Nashville, you can bring your phone over to us, fix color and more nashville, where our well-trained phone repair experts will replace your cracked mobile phone screen while you wait and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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