How to Fix a Broken Headphone Jack on a Phone

Do you have a busted headphone?

Have you been unable to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite videos, listen to podcasts or other kinds of audio on your phone?

Do you experience crackling sounds or audio fading in and out sporadically when you use your headphone?

The first thing you should really do is to test your headphones with some other device to be quite sure they are working properly, if your headphone works with other devices then it means the problem is not from your headphone.

One way to prevent headphone jack problem is by making sure you do not leave your headphone connected to your mobile phone for too long, and you should not wrap the headphone cord tightly around your mobile device as this could damage the input sensors within the jack and would lead to it not connecting properly.

How to Troubleshoot Headphone Jack Problems

It is actually possible that the problem with your headphone jack might just be dust or dirt. If that is the case, you can try to solve it by using compressed air to clean out the debris.

Another likely cause of headphone jack malfunctioning could be that a piece of lint is stuck inside the jack, you can get rid of this by blowing compressed air into the jack, and you should turn the phone in different angles while doing this.

You can as well use a damp toothpick to remove the lint or clean out the jack, but extra caution needs to be applied when inserting anything into the headphone jack so as to avoid further damage.

One of the least recommended ways of repairing your faulty headphone jack is to fix it yourself.  To do this effectively, you start by removing the cover of your device. You then need to remove the screws around the cover. If you are good with soldering, remove the old solder on the jack. Do this by heating up the old solder with a soldering iron and tabbing it off with a toothpick. Afterward, apply a new solder. After doing this, test your device and see if it works perfectly well. If it’s still not working well, try to re-solder the connections.

If you are still confused, you can watch online tutorials that will guide you through the process step by step.

Prevention happens to be the best way to avoid headphone jack damage. So if your device comes with jack covers, you should use it regularly and if your’s doesn’t have a jack cover then you can buy one at your local electronics store or better still go online and search on reputable shopping sites.

Best  Headphone Jack Repair Service

If after trying the methods above and you are still unsuccessful in getting your headphone jack to work, it is best you take it to experienced technicians who can help fix the problem.  Bring it over to us at Fix Color and More Nashville where our highly trained technicians will provide you with a quality and guaranteed service.


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