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How to Fix a Loose Phone Charging Port

Have you ever felt some disconnect from the outside world when you discover your mobile phone does not charge? Your day can get ruined when your phone is charging port malfunctions.

One of the primary reasons why a phone’s charging port gets damaged easily is when you frequently try to force the charger in too hard.

The good thing is that you do not necessarily need to buy a new phone or charger whenever you experience this issue.

Whether you use an Apple iPhone or an Android phone, here are some simple ways you can use to get your phone’s charging port is working again in no time.


  1. Noticing that your phone has a loose charging port

There are lots of signals that will indicate when your phone has a loose charging port. One of it is when you find yourself having to hold the charger into the port so as to keep it working. Almost all mobile phones have an indicator that tells the owner if a device is charging or not. If the indicator is not moving at all, it means the phone is not being charged.


  1. Diagnose the charging port

One of the first steps you need to take when you suspect that your phone has a loose charging port is to find out the cause of the problem. You need to verify if the problem lies within the charging port. This can be done manually by pressing on the port to know if it moves. Another way is by checking the battery power of your phone. If the battery does not work properly, that could be why your phone does not charge.


  1. Fix the loose charging port

The line of action to take is determined by the extent of damage which your phone’s charging port suffered from. If your charging port is loose, just removing the faceplate with a screwdriver and then tightening the screws around the port will fix the problem. It is recommended that you use a T3 magnetic screwdriver to perform this action. The reason is that it is small and can help maintain stability within the tiny components of your mobile phone.

The same step above can be applied if you discover that your charging port issues are caused by broken pins in your mobile phone’s USB port. You remove the faceplate with a T3 magnetic screwdriver and have your replacements ready to be installed since the pins are broken. If you perhaps notice a damage within the USB port, you should replace it as well.


Best Mobile Phone Charging Port Repair Service in Nashville

If after trying the above troubleshooting methods you are still unable to solve your mobile phone’s charging port problem, bring your phone over to us at Fix Color and More Nashville.  Our experts can replace or repair malfunctioned parts without having to replace boards or circuits which can eventually turn out to be more expensive and unnecessary.


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