How To Fix Cell Phone Camera Problems

The problem with a phone’s camera could be as a result of an obvious damage that needs to be repaired or the camera just abruptly stops working.

Have you ever tried to take a picture and you only get a black screen?

Though it’s not a common issue for mobile phones but it can be troublesome and annoying when it happens.

We will examine the steps which you can take to fix a faulty phone camera:


Power Cycle Your Phone

If you are yet to do this, put your phone off for about 15 seconds and then power it back on and check the camera. This is known as a soft reset and it’s a simple trick that is used to fix minor software related issues.


Pull Out The Battery

Another soft reset method that can get your phone working properly again is to pull out the battery of your phone when it is powered on. This option is not available on all phones but can only be found on phones with removable batteries. If your phone has a non-removable or built-in battery, skip this step and proceed to check your apps.


Remove The Memory Card

Sometimes when a memory card is not properly inserted, it would make the phone camera malfunction. It is important for you to check if the memory card in your phone is properly inserted. To do this, remove the memory card and re-insert it properly to make sure it is in the correct position. Once this has been done, check the phone camera again.



Uninstall Third Party Camera Apps

Remove any third party camera applications that you have previously downloaded on your phone. The phone may have gotten an update for it’s software but the app developer might not have updated their application yet.


Uninstall Other Apps

If you have uninstalled third party apps but your camera is still not working, try thinking about the last app you downloaded around the period the phone malfunctioned then uninstall the app. It is sometimes possible that the cause of a cell phone’s camera not functioning could be as a result of a bad app. So continue to uninstall the most recently downloaded app after which you should restart your phone then check the status of the camera.


–   Perform Hard Reset

You should perform a hard reset on your phone if you have cleared all the apps on your phone but it is still showing a black screen and not the camera screen. Before performing the backup, save all the important information you have and perform the hard reset which will erase all the data on the phone. If what you are experiencing is a virus, software glitch or bug, performing the hard reset should restore your phone camera back to normal.



Professional Cell Phone Camera Repair

After trying all the above recommended suggestions and your mobile phone’s camera still does not work, it is best you take your phone to a professional cell phone repair specialist. At Fix Color and More, you will find experienced technicians who will diagnose the problem and get your phone camera back to good working condition

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