How To Repair a Cell Phone’s Speaker

Do you hear a lot of static or background noise when using your cell phone?

When on a call, do you have difficulties hearing others while they can hear you just fine?

Have you had to use your mobile phone’s handsfree or Bluetooth headset to have a smooth phone conversation?

Did you try to turn up the volume, turn the cell phone on and off, bang the phone against the wall yet nothing worked?

If you have encountered any of these, the chances are that your cell phone’s speaker is bad and needs to be repaired.

It can be very annoying and frustrating when your phone’s speaker begins to act up, and this guide will provide step by step instructions on what you should do to resolve this issue and get your cell phone back to life.

Network vs. Hardware vs. Software

Phone audio problems are usually connected to these three elements:

  1. Network
  2. Hardware
  3. Software



If you experience echoes, distortions, cross chatter or robot voices from your phone’s audio, and it only functions well in some certain locations, it shows that your cell phone’s internal speaker is functioning well, but your phone is not properly communicating with your wireless provider. The best way to resolve this issue is to get in touch with your wireless provider and make them aware of the problem. It is very little you can do when it comes to network issues, and it’s only your wireless provider that can proffer a solution.



If you consistently cannot hear others speak regardless of where you are using your mobile phone, it’s most likely you are experiencing a hardware related issue. This means that the speaker has malfunctioned and needed replacement.

If you notice that the audio goes out when you move the phone. Then it’s a hardware issue, and it shows that there’s a possible loose or short connection between the speaker piece and the phone itself.



If the sound used to work but stops all of a sudden, it could be a software related issue. For example, if you just updated your phone’s software and a third party music app on your phone is yet to release an update that is compatible with a newer version of software on your phone, it could give you the impression that the update you did on your phone has broken it. Meanwhile, it could be that some applications need time for the updated software to be released.


Speaker Repair or Replacement Options

If you have tried resetting your phone and you still cannot hear others, you do not necessarily need to buy a new phone. You should consider replacing the speaker yourself or taking the phone to a repair shop to get it fixed.  If you choose to repair it yourself, make sure you get all the tools needed as well as watching instructional videos on how to replace speakers.

The best option, however, is to take it to phone repair experts. The experts here at Fix Color and More Nashville will replace the speakers at an affordable price which is better than buying a new phone.


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