Your cell phone will not function minus the battery. The repair for a cell phone battery is if the one on your phone has become outdated and cannot store the charge anymore then you are eligible to replace it. At Fix, Color & More, we repair and replace your cell phone battery and give you the tips and guidelines on how to maintain your battery. With the wake of mobile industries flocking all the corners of the world, the industry is faced with numerous challenges from unworthy phones to low life cell phone batteries.


          Mobile phones, the best carrying device along with you, cheaper and lighter. For our daily little and different purposes everyone has at least one mobile. Such purposes are dialing, talking, making video film, taking pictures, e-mailing, sending pictures etc. Nowadays today business is next to impossible without a mobile phone. But any phone can’t work without battery, one can call it the heart of mobile phone. Another problem faced now a day is of cell phone batteries with low life which can also be replaced in order to make mobile function properly.

          Battery can be damaged by too much charging and there is no solution to it except replacing it with another battery with long life and good timing. This is not possible for every person to repair it, don’t waste time in trying to repair your battery.

          Almost everyone prefers to buy a new battery with long life, good quality and maximum timing to meet their needs. For this purpose we are having the best market in industry of batteries with good quality and long life time reliability in the whole country.  Replace your damaged batteries with ours high quality batteries in lower prices. We are the pride of our work from years and are going to establish it online. We are repairing and replacing mobile phone batteries on large scale of much different type. We are offering phone batteries replacing service for Samsung, iPhone, IPad, and also for phones of many other brands. If your device is still under warranty, we are not going to damage or void it just like other High street repairers. We are affordable and cheapest among prices in the market. Because we know how one feels when he couldn’t use mobile for a day or more or even more than a week.

IPad and IPhone Battery Replacement:

The IPad and iPhones are the new generation products. The problem with these is that you can’t open their back cover like other cell phones to change the battery. But you need not to worry because we are specialized in all types of iPhone and IPad battery repair and replacement, so that you can make your iPhone useable again like ever before.

          Our market is well known all over the country. Almost every costumer of us feels at home in our store and gets satisfied with our products. If you find any problem with our product or not satisfied with our work, then you can contact us. We assure that we’ll not frustrate you. We’ll also give tips and guidelines on different matters.


Bearing it in mind we keep the prices as lower as we can with quality and guaranteed work. We are doing satisfied work in the market from years so there’s no need to be panic and you can contact our support at any time we are available 24/7. We are giving 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work and we hope so it will not happen. We will make your cell phone function properly and will repair your phone to make it useable like before. We’ll also inform you honestly if we found any other problem with your cell phone. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with our work; you will not have any problem while using your cell phone. We are the great company to work with fast, friendly and reliable having thousands of satisfied customers. So feel free to contact us for further assistance or order us. Thank You.