Button issue

Think the life without eyes and teeths, similarly a mobile phone which has button but does not work properly and stuck it is very difficult to use mobile without button because we loose the control over it as cell phone can not function properly without its button. Button are the only input though which we can make cell phone function either its is home button or number buttons and buttons are very help full when you cell phone gets hang over something we only use the home button to get back the menu and if it does not work we press the side buttons to wait for the flight mode or turn off option appearance when it appeares we get the phone started or we press restart to get it smooth again.

Button Replacement and repair tips

Before going to any repair worker you may try yourself to get the buttons work but its hard some times because it is sealed and you can not remove the button your self without help of mobile repairing tools, you may try the spray on them which is available in market and try some soft tissue and alcohol on the buttons and if it starts working then press it for 2 to 3 minutes for practice and it may link again with key pads eiher you may clean the duct of key pads by the help of some machinaries but do no ever try to press the button very hard no matter how hard you press it it wont work until it get repair from some professionals you may save the time and risk by this method and get the work done in professional manner if you are not sure then no need to touch your cell phone and avoid the risk and come to us.

Repair at fixcolorandmorenashville

If still you face the problem after many tries so try to send the cell phone for repairing to manufacturer of that phone if it has warranty but mostly companies do not provide warranty of minor parts but its good to have these kinds of warranty but if you don't have warranty then there are many third parties working to repair your cell phones and the best of them is fixcolorandmorenashville because they provide top quality service at the best prices in market their work is reliable and not much time taking their workers are highly skilled and posses many modern tools and machinery for the repairing of cell phones let them check your cell phone charging port at fixcolorandmorenashville we have all stock stored of different cell phone models so no need to wait for shipping of any tool required and we will provide the top quality work at fair rates and some times warranty if applicable. They purchase the original parts of cell phones from the original suppliers and quality of parts is same as the company provides they give time limit and provide the best service in given time frame and do not charge any extra cost but provide they extra services when possible.