As smart phones became our friend taking place of laptops and computers etc. Camera is the most common thing used in cell phones to capture your precious and valuable moments of life. Now people have no need to take separate camera to take photos. Mostly people prefer to keep cell phones with themselves to make photos. Taking selfies is the most common trend nowadays which can be easily done by using front camera of mobile. People use mobile for other leisure’s such as gaming, reading, texting, chatting it depends on person different people prefer different things to do with their smart phones but everyone who uses cell phone must use camera no matter for what purpose he bought that cell phone. Most people can’t live without mobile camera but what when your cell phone camera got damaged or doesn’t work properly? It can make you feel worse.

Main Causes and Conditions of Cell Phone Camera Damage:

  • Exposure to heat such as Sun can cause damage to your cell phone and sensors of your camera too if your cell phone camera isn’t capable of resisting heat.
  • Dropping your cell phone in water can also damage the cell phone camera.
  • Sometimes the software that supports working of cell phone camera stop working.
  • If you are getting blurry images or images are not sharp or you are having a lot of darkness while taking pictures then also your camera isn’t working properly.

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