It is usual that we face many difficulties with our cell phones in our daily life, as there are different functions of cell phone some play videos some listen music some people play games and some click photos all these functions are secondary if you are doing these in cell phone because the primary function of cell phone is to talk to person who is far away from you and it provide convenience to talk that person either he can be your relative or business partner etc. Think a cell phone without a speaker how it would be working if you could not listen the voice of caller? is that sound comfortable or not? of course without a speaker a cell phone is like a person without ears if a speaker is damaged the cell phone doesn't have value anymore without speaker it can not provide its primary function and you can not use it to call any one some time we have to attach earphones to work it out in emergency or avoiding its cost. and some times we are not sure that what is the exact problem there fore we wait for some miracle to happen and resolve the issues itself there can be many reasons so that reasons.

Reasons of speaker damage

There are many reasons as some times it absorbs the dust and sweat from your hands or many times from ears because we talk in place where there is heat or summer, and it also can be problem due to signal drops and network issue some time we stay in a place where there are no signals that drop the voice. Some times the mic of the cell phone of caller is damaged he speaks but his mic doesn't catch the voice and we can not listen it properly so try to put the cell at any dry place after some time it may start working but if still not working try to clean the speaker by replacing its back cover and clean with a soft paper or piece of cloth its better to try the tissue paper on speaker as it will absorb the dust and sweat from it and hope it will work.

If still you face the problem after many tries so try to send the cell phone for repairing to manufacturer of that phone if it has warranty but mostly companies do not provide warranty of minor parts but its good to have these kinds of warranty but if you don't have warranty then there are many third parties working to repair your cell phones and the best of them is fixcolorandmorenashville because they provide top quality service at the best prices in market their work is reliable and not much time taking their workers are highly skilled and posses many modern tools and machinery for the repairing of cell phones let them check your cell phone charging port at fixcolorandmorenashville we have all stock stored of different cell phone models so no need to wait for shipping of any tool required and we will provide the top quality work at fair rates and some times warranty if applicable. They purchase the original parts of cell phones from the original suppliers and quality of parts is same as the company provides they give time limit and provide the best service in given time frame and do not charge any extra cost but provide they extra services when possible.