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If your mobile phone randomly shuts down, doesn’t hold a charge and won’t turn on, then it most likely means that it’s time to replace the battery. Batteries only have so many charge cycles and are not intended to last forever. Overtime your cell phone battery will degrade and you will get less and less battery life from it. Eventually, you either have to get a new mobile phone with a new battery or replace the phone’s spoilt battery.

There are lots of ways to determine if your mobile phone needs a new battery and we will be examining the top 5 signs that tells when it’s time to replace a cell phone battery.

  1. A Dead Phone

This might seem like an obvious sign but it is sometimes questionable. If after charging your cell phone with a reliable charger and it refuses to charge, does not beep, shows no light, makes no sound or shows no sign of power at all, then there is a good chance that the battery needs to be replaced.


  1. Phone Dies Quickly

You could charge a phone for the recommended duration and it will show a full charge then all of a sudden it dies. This could be as a result of running too many apps at the same time, playing games, listening to music from music sites like iTunes, leaving your Bluetooth permanently on, making long phone calls and surfing the internet. If none of this applies and your cell phone dies quickly after a full charge, it means the phone’s battery is bad and needs replacement.


  1. Phone or Battery Feels Hot

Rechargeable batteries inevitably generate heat while they charge but most rechargeable batteries internalize the heat thereby stopping it from becoming noticeably hot. When your cell phone’s battery becomes hot when touched, it means the battery needs to be replaced.


  1. Battery Swelling

Most times when a phone’s battery is bad, the internal cells will rupture thereby making the battery swell. This is only visible when you hold the battery up or when you place it on a flat surface. Once you notice the swelling, it means the battery is bad and needs replacement.


  1. Power Only Shows When Plugged In

If your phone cannot be powered from its stored energy, only shows power when plugged in, still does not power up after thoroughly charging the phone, then it means the battery has gone bad and should be replaced.


How To Replace Your Cell Phone Battery


If your cell phone comes with a removable battery then it is easy to replace it yourself. All you need do is to purchase a replacement battery specifically designed for your phone, power down your phone and replace the current battery with the new one.


If your phone has an embedded battery, it can be more difficult to replace. In a situation like this, it is adviceable you take the phone to a battery replacement specialist. Fix Color and More offers battery replacement service for Samsung, iPhone, iPad and other top phone brands. We are affordable and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

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